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What:        Personal Finance Forum for Young Adults

Who:         Individuals in the process of establishing careers, taking their primary financial   steps on their own and interested in learning more about how to put their best foot forward when it comes to their money.

When:      Wednesday, September 18th at 6:00pm

Where:     TAAG Learning Center  9200 Montgomery Road  Cincinnati, OH 45242

RSVP:       By September 9th to Mary Herrmann   (513) 771-7222  info@taaginc.com

Share:      If you know someone who might be interested or could benefit from our class for Young Adults, please forward this invitation or share via the Social Media buttons at the top of the page. Further details on our Education Series can be found below.

Details:    TAAG is launching an Education Series designed to educate successful individuals and families in several areas of personal finance. Classes will be offered throughout the year and segmented for Students, Young Adults, Career Advancers, Pre-Retirees and Retirees.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for financial education and in the level of responsibility placed on individuals to establish, plan and save for their own futures including short term, long term, college and retirement savings.

The financial advice industry was built on the premise that experts have access to information others do not. In this day and age, that is simply not the case.

In reality, we all have access to an almost endless supply of information. The real challenge is knowing who to trust and determining what’s best for you. Developing a clear understanding of your own situation and goals is more crucial than ever, but education is still lacking. While we see positive momentum in curriculum focusing more on personal financial education, a large gap remains for many of us that’s likely to last for at least a generation to come.

TAAG’s goal is to help fill this gap by serving as an information filter and guide to help individuals focus on what is most important to them and what steps they need to take to help make their goals a reality.

This is not a sales pitch. This is not a steak dinner followed by a presentation for an investment product or system. We are passionate about raising the bar for financial education and want to do our part to do just that by having real conversations in small groups about making smarter everyday decisions with your money.