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We often say at TAAG that people don’t have financial goals, they have goals…and then everything costs money.

Last year, I attended a financial blogging conference called FinCon in St. Louis, Missouri.  I was shocked to see the wealth of talented writers and individuals, many or most from outside the financial industry, all looking to help others reach their goals by making better decisions with their money.

RetireeNextDoorThis year, I was asked, along with more than 70 other bloggers, podcasters and the like, to participate in a movement called The Retiree Next Door.  The movement has spun off of the work of FinCon founder Philip Taylor and financial information website MoneyTips‘ principal Michael Dubrow.

This is an effort to get past the frightening statisitics of baby boomers and retirement and share the secrets of those who have made the successful transition to retirement.  Based on a survey of more than 500 Americans who have made that transition, we’ve learned more about what’s worked for them, what hasn’t and how they’ve filled those gaps.  The end result is data that is much more useful for those looking ahead to retirement than just knowing that many aren’t prepared.

For a quick look at the results, you can check out the infographic below or, for a more complete look, download the e-book, The Retiree Next Door, which to kickstart this effort, is being made available free of charge through September 30.  Download it today by clicking here.

In the end, much of the results of this work show why the need for financial planning is greater than ever.  We are wired, as we’ve discussed so many times in this blog, to make choices that favor us today over our future selves.  But, there are purposeful steps we can take to strike a balance both for today and our future.  Retirement, and the planning that goes into it, doesn’t have to be a happy, or not-so-happy accident.

Much of the work is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  For those that feel they have the discipline, time and expertise to put a plan in place based on some of the guidelines below and in the book, please don’t delay.  Take the time to do this important work today.  For those that feel they need a guiding hand through the process, there are fee-only, independent financial planners out there that work for your best interests, sit on the same side of the table as their clients and help keep you on a clear path to a successful future you.

If you’d like to see more about the impact this movement is having and use social media, check out the hashtag #retireenextdoor on Twitter or Facebook for links to lots of other great posts.  Or, if you prefer a more focused approach, just make one choice that you can act on today to take a step towards a more successful financial future.

If there’s anything we at TAAG can do for you, a family member, friend or neighbor to help them reach their best retirement, let us know by clicking the Contact Us tab above.

Source: Moneytips.com.

The Retiree Next Door