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Our mission statement is “to provide like-minded individuals with financial and emotional security.” While our day to day focus is managing investment portfolios and creating financial plans so that our clients can realize their retirement goals, we also want to help them to have a rewarding and fulfilling life once they have reached retirement. It is important to us to concentrate in our area of expertise and to seek other professionals who are experts in fields ranging from tax planning to elder care to travel. We keep a list of these contacts so that we pass along their names to our clients when they have a need for their services.

We recently became aware of a new company that focuses on the non-financial aspects of retirement, called LifeScape Retirement. They work with individuals to assess what a fulfilling retirement will look like, and then develop a plan so that their goals are realized.

I see many people who spend so much time focusing on whether or not they will have enough money to retire that they forget to think about what life will look like once they get there. Or they may have a list of all of the things they want to do in retirement, but after a few years they’ve checked everything off their list and do not know what to do next.

Since the average life expectancy for a 60 year old is 30 years, your retirement may last nearly as long as your career. My clients that seem to be the happiest after leaving the workforce are those with a purpose, whether it’s spending time with their grandchildren, traveling, starting a second career, volunteering or all of the above. Asking what you will do to challenge yourself in retirement is a good way to create your vision for the next stage of your life.

Chris Carleton, CFP®