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At TAAG, we work only with individuals and their families, so we can focus on getting to know each of our clients well.  While we manage your investments and provide financial planning, we can also help in other ways you may not be aware. 
I recently met with a client, her son, and her son’s partner to help them with their budget planning.  They had just purchased a home and were having difficulty adjusting their spending and tracking how they were doing.  We provided help with ideas, resources and ways to track their expenses that were not so burdensome.  My client contacted me later to let me know her son was happier and was more engaged in the on-going financial discussions, something that made HER happier.  
Another client is having health issues, and needed assistance filing for disability retirement benefits.  We helped complete the application request and coordinated the paperwork between her employer, her physicians, and the retirement plan administrator.  With our paperless filing system we have copies of all the documents in case anything is needed later.
Chip has been meeting with the second generation owners of a family-owned business, helping their estate planning attorney map out a plan to take care of their children and transition the company if something happens to them today, while planning for their continued growth into the future. 
Chris has been working with P&G employees that have been referred to us in the recent downsizing, helping them determine if they should take early retirement offers.  She’s also been working with current retirees designing option exercise plans, helping them exercise their options, and diversifying their portfolios afterward. 
During the year, we hold planning meetings with our clients and their CPAs, report investment activity, and consult with them before creating gains when given permission.  We have relationships with a variety of CPA firms, and when a client needs a CPA, we help match them to the best firm based on the complexity of the client’s situation, the specialization of the CPA and cost considerations.  We feel it is in your best interest to have an independent CPA, versus one employed by TAAG, so we can each specialize in what we do best and provide independent oversight of each other’s work.  We provide the same assistance with finding and working with attorneys.
So if you are struggling with a decision or you have a financial issue that’s causing you stress, call us. 
That’s why we’re here. 
Jeannette A. Jones, CPA, CFP®