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In October 1988, after six years as a CPA and banking officer, I took my newly earned Certified Financial Planner designation and youthful optimism and started The Asset Advisory Group (TAAG).  It wasn’t actually TAAG then, since I was only a single advisor with an administrative assistant brave enough to leave the bank to join me. 

In my exit interview, my well-intentioned boss told me I was crazy to try to start my own business as a 28 year-old female in a conservative town.  He offered to hold my job for me until I came back.
In the fall of 1988, no one really knew what a financial planner was, so I spent most of my time educating people about how I could help them make smarter financial decisions.  To be able to afford an office, I teamed up with an insurance agency that allowed me to rent space to meet with my clients.  After five years my husband and two other employees joined me, and we outgrew the office and the business arrangement.  It was time to establish our own identity.  We incorporated as The Asset Advisory Group and moved into a rented office in Glendale. 
By 2002, we had outgrown our Glendale office as well.  We surveyed all our clients and asked them where they wanted us to be located.  The Montgomery/Blue Ash area won by a wide margin.  We’ve been in our current Blue Ash location for over 10 years now, and change is once again on the horizon.
We use the ups and downs of the market to your advantage by rebalancing your portfolio through different economic conditions.  We follow that same philosophy as we plan for the future of TAAG. As a result, The Asset Advisory Group has acquired a permanent home.
Interest rates are the lowest they have been in decades, commercial real estate has not fully recovered in Cincinnati, and a property we felt was a perfect expression of the culture and client service philosophy we strive to provide was available. 
Our new home, 9200 Montgomery Road, sits at the intersection of Montgomery Road and Ronald Reagan Highway.  It is a professional, but warm and inviting building. We are making renovations to create an environment in which our clients and their professional advisors will enjoy meeting and working together.  We plan to be moved in by October of this year. 
Chip, Chris and I have made the commitment to be owners of the building, as well as the owners of TAAG.  Our investment in a permanent home conveys our commitment and belief in the future of The Asset Advisory Group, and our love of the work we do for you.
October 2013 will mark the 25th year of my great adventure.  I look forward to sharing the next 25 with you in our new home!