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Loving Day

‘Fifty-three years ago, today, a marriage like ours became possible in the United States,’ said my daughter-in-law as our family sat together in the living room last Friday night. I am frequently humbled about all I take for granted, and I have been reminded...

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What the Pandemic has Taught Me

The coronavirus pandemic, which has taken the lives of more than 428,000 individuals and counting, has impacted the life of nearly every human on the planet.  For me, someone privileged enough to be healthy, employed and white, it’s been nothing more than dealing with...

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Reopening TAAG

I’ve found it unusually difficult to get thoughts down on paper for this week’s blog. The nation’s response to long standing inequity due to race and other factors following the death of George Floyd while in police custody on top of society’s current battle with the...

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Resilience. Not as a response to crisis…

(from Carl Richards blog posted 5/14/2020.  Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner® currently located in London.  His two books are “The One-Page Financial Plan: A Simple Way to Be Smart About Your Money” & “The Behavior Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb...

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After COVID-19

We attended our son’s virtual commencement from Ohio State on May 3rd in our kitchen while he and our daughter-in-law quarantined together with us.  Other parents have learned to juggle Zoom office meetings with schoolwork, barking dogs and enthusiastic toddlers.  And...

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Controlling Cash Flow

If you are a client of TAAG you have probably had a conversation or two over the years about your cash flow.  It’s a common topic that we discuss in meetings.  Understanding your cash flow is a basic building block of financial planning.  It helps you to identify...

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