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Pet Sounds

Pets regularly come up in discussions with clients. They are part of our family and, as such, can impact the family budget as well as long-term goals. When conducting client Discovery meetings, we include questions about pets to help gauge what that potential impact...

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A Thanksgiving Reader

TAAG Note: the following was originally published by Seth Godin, a blogger we turn to regularly in this space, a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2015.  His Thanksgiving Reader, which is linked here and in his explanation of it’s purpose below, has been shared by...

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Important, But Not Urgent

Financial planning is sometimes compared to going to the dentist.  People don’t really look forward to it, even though they know having their finances in order is good for them. Here at TAAG, once we’ve worked through the process with a new client and we have things...

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Financial Pain Points

Warning – this blog comes with a homework assignment. ? At TAAG, we help enhance the well-being of individuals and families through thoughtful financial planning and disciplined investment management.  While that’s the mission statement we live and breath every day,...

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Talking It Out

“Describe an ideal weekend.” Think about it, it’s Friday afternoon and you’re a few hours away from starting your weekend. What are your plans for the next two days? I love waking up early on Saturdays and starting my day with coffee. Next up, a morning walk with my...

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Following a birthday sleepover for my oldest daughter last week, my wife and I were out for an early morning walk in search of some peace, quiet and a good cup of coffee.  Reflecting on the fact that we now have a teenager in the house, talk turned to our home.  While...

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