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The $37,000 Latte

(from Seth Godin’s blog dated January 30, 2019.  Click here for the original post.  Seth is the author of more than 18 books that have been bestsellers all over the world.  He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting,...

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Psychic Income

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Pittsburgh for a weekend long board meeting for CISV USA, formerly known as Children’s International Summer Villages.  CISV is an organization I’ve been involved with in one form or another since age 11 and have blogged about in the...

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The Index Bogeyman

From Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.  Also available at https://us.dimensional.com/perspectives/the-index-bogeyman Over the last several years, index funds have received increased attention from investors and the financial media. Some have even made claims that the...

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Plan B

It’s been seven years since my dad’s Father’s Day confession – when he told me privately he wanted to move to Cincinnati to be closer to his kids and grandkids but didn’t know how to convince Mom.  I took our conversation to heart and decided I would begin a personal...

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