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2020: A Boring Year?

2020: A Boring Year? Minutes after US markets closed for the final time in 2020, a Twitter user going by the handle @TheSpeculator0 posted the partially redacted chart below with the following commentary: “kind of a boring year” For reference, the chart above...

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Personal Security Planning

Personal Security Planning A question we get frequently is how best to go about protecting identity and other personal information. We’ve blogged about it in the past on multiple occasions, but these things can be moving targets as new technologies and schemes create...

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End of the Year Questions

People, and markets alike, crave certainty whether the outcome is what they expected or not. Once there is certainty, it becomes easier to adapt to the rules. So, with the presidential election behind us we have one more thing to add to the list of things we know with...

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Why Worry About Survivorship Bias?

Why Worry About Survivorship Bias? (from Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.  Original post can be found here and was published October 12, 2020.) For actively managed US equity mutual funds over the period from 1991 to 2020, survivorship bias overstates the median fund...

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