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As I prepared for this week’s blog, I went back over a folder I keep of magazine clippings, conference notes and other ideas jotted down in chicken scratch (that may be an insult to chickens) and realized I had multiple items that, while not full blown topics themselves, were worth passing along.  Hopefully, you’ll find something that piques your interest below.

The Long Term Care Decision

As we’ve blogged numerous times in the past and discussed with many a client in meetings, the decision on how to plan for and insure against the need for long term care is one of the most challenging, and ever changing in the financial planning world.  Recently, Money’s Dan Kadlec broke down the decision in one of the most comprehensive, yet clearly written ways I’ve read on the subject.  It doesn’t give you clear cut answers, as they simply don’t exist, but it does do a better job of breaking down the decision into consumable bites better than anything I’ve seen in quite some time.

Money broke this article down into two pieces:  Part 1 can be found here and Part 2, here.

Spring/Summer in Cincinnati

Thanks to all who attended or have reached out for information on our April Lunch & Learn – Cincinnati’s All-Star Summer.  As spring arrives, there is no shortage of activities and opportunities for all of us in the area to celebrate our region.

May & June will be filled with opportunities to check out Cincinnati’s new front yard, Smale Riverfront Park.  The park will have a rolling grand opening throughout the next few months, with a lot of excitement around the May 16th opening of Carol Ann’s CarouselClick here to find out more about all that’s going on with the Park.

July will bring the 2015 MLB All-Star Game to Great American Ballpark.  MLB and the Cincinnati Reds will officially host 5 days of events, including Fan Fest at the Duke Energy Convention Center, the Futures Game, Home Run Derby and, of course, the All-Star Game itself on Tuesday, July 14th.  Leading up to this week of events, a dedicated group of community volunteers is working to make sure everyone in the region can participate through a variety of community events and activities.  To keep updated on all that’s going on, check out the Cincy USA All-Star Summer website, like Batter Up Cincy on Facebook or follow @BatterUpCincy on Twitter.

Conversations of a Lifetime

Speaking of lunch & learns, our upcoming May session, Conversations of a Lifetime, may be one of the most important we’ve hosted.  We’re honored to have Luann Scherer join us this coming Tuesday at 11:30 am to discuss her experience with this subject.  While it’s not a topic any of us relish, understanding our preferences and those of our loved ones when we reach the end of life are a crucial part of a complete plan.  For more information on the topic and what you have the opportunity to learn about first hand, check out Conversations of a Lifetime or The Conversation Project.

If you’re interested in attending, we still have a few spots available.  E-mail Mary to reserve your seat!

 Have a great week!