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At a seminar I attended many years ago, a speaker instructed us to remove our wristwatches without looking at them, hand them to the person next to us, and answer questions about their appearance.  Over 90% of the audience could not correctly answer simple questions such as the face color (blue, white or cream?) or the number type (Roman or Arabic?).

The point?

As people, we look at something over and over again every day but don’t always see it.

This lesson was brought home to me again yesterday when I met with a couple who have been clients of mine for over ten years.  There were gaps in their understanding of our investment process, which led to a very positive discussion.  At one point the wife commented, “I think we’ve been clients for so long we just assumed we understood.”

We want to make sure we don’t assume we know our clients so well that we become complacent in assuming what is important to them.  To avoid this potential pitfall, we are introducing Rediscovery meetings.

We’ve announced a series of changes to our business recently: our move to a new location, the launch of our new brand and web site, and the coming addition of the Client Portal.  All of these moves will enhance our client service experience, but the one we feel will have the most positive impact to our clients is our Rediscovery meeting.

These meetings follow a process that ensures we have a clear understanding of your values, goals and interests in order to assess the impact on your investment and financial plans.  We will provide you with an overview of our discussion to be sure we have an accurate, current picture of how you feel about your financial situation and what we can do together to improve it.  We want to make sure your long term relationship with TAAG has not led us to assume we understand what is important to you.

We will begin scheduling Rediscovery meetings according to your preferred contact schedule, but if you have not been in to see us for some time, you might hear from us sooner.

We look forward to getting to know you better – whether you have been a client for 25 months or 25 years!