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We often preach that while rules of thumb are a necessary evil in personal finance and not a terrible place to start ignoring all other options, they don’t do nearly a complete enough job of helping people understand their personal financial picture.

This week, we share a video from Dimensional Fund Advisors offering a few different ways to approach the retirement savings question.  The video is a good reminder that optimal savings solutions vary on an person by person basis.  It also serves a yet another reminder that those just starting out in their careers would be well served to put even a small amount away from day one than panicking about how much they “should” put away and ultimately do nothing at all.

Enjoy the video below and please share with anyone who may need a nudge in the right savings direction via the sharing buttons at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: It’s our understanding that some browsers may be unable to access the video on this page.  If no video shows below, you can view by clicking here.

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