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I was reminded of this line from a Tim McGraw song when I went to the dentist Monday.  I began a relationship with a new dentist a few years ago after my dentist of 25 years retired.  For the first two years everything was great.  I liked that my new dentist was close to my age (we could grow old together), had a friendly staff and appeared to be utilizing the latest technology.  My eyebrows were initially raised about a year ago when I noticed her face staring back at me from the seat of a Kroger shopping cart ad, followed by a few Groupons featuring her practice.
During my initial visits, care was taken to create a welcoming atmosphere where the staff ensured procedures were performed in a comfortable manner.  When I went for my check up last summer, I was a little surprised to see an assembly line of hygienists ready for their next patient.  Today’s experience sealed the fate of our relationship.  Not only were my teeth cleaned by the sixth hygienist I’ve met in as many visits, but the whole environment had become geared toward treating as many patients as possible and getting them out the door as quickly as they can. 
As a business owner I certainly understand the need to grow your business.  It just disheartens me that many professions that were once dominated by personal relationships seem to be taking their customer service cues from the fast food industry.
At The Asset Advisory Group (TAAG) we realize growth is important so the children and grandchildren of today’s clients will be able to maintain a relationship with our firm.  We are continually looking for ways to improve our service with technology.  Of equal importance is maintaining the personal touch and customizing each client’s experience.  For example, we offer to hold Skype meetings with out of town clients to maintain the connection that’s often lost when speaking over the phone. 
The majority of our new clients are referred by existing clients or their other advisors that share our service philosophy. We often hear new clients are leaving their current financial advisor because of a lack of communication or drop in service levels as their existing advisory firm grows.  Each of TAAG’s advisors will only work with about 100 client families to ensure the company’s growth does not alter the relationship we have with our existing clients.   
Going through experiences like I did with my new dentist only reinforces our vision for growth.  If you know a good dentist….


Christine L. Carleton, CFP®