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My husband, Tom, and I just returned from Asheville, North Carolina.  We drove to Asheville so Tom could participate in a century ride to raise money for cancer research with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program.

Being the diligent planner, I mapped out our course and researched the construction delays along our route.  Fortunately, we were able to avoid a major back up on I-75 southbound just over the Tennessee border where the road is being repaired due to a rock slide.  Although our alternate route was miles longer, we were still able to make it to Asheville ahead of some of the other participants who did not take a detour.
Many of the financial detours that we encounter in our lives can lead to frustration because, more often than not, they are beyond our control.  In Cincinnati, Procter & Gamble employees are facing a potential detour in their careers with the company’s latest downsizing announcement.  It’s not only the people leaving whose lives will be changed, but also the remaining employees as well.  Their jobs may look drastically different a year from now. 
When a client discovers they are facing an unexpected career change, major health issue, loss of a loved one or are going through a divorce, the original path they were on is suddenly changed.   All of these circumstances can feel overwhelming because you feel like you are suddenly being veered off course.   
This is why it is so important to create a financial plan and to continually monitor it.  This can help to put the obstacles you face in perspective.  Will the change in careers mean you will have to work longer – or will your new job offer a faster road to retirement?  A health crisis could change your priorities causing the second home you always dreamed of to seem less important than it once did.  If you become suddenly single you may realize you are much more financially savvy and emotionally stronger than you originally thought. 
No matter what financial detours you encounter, we are here to guide you through them.  What may initially seem like a disaster may not have the impact you fear.  The most important thing is to start mapping out an alternative route as soon as possible so that you can lessen the impact.  Just make sure you let us know when we can help.

Christine Carleton, CFP®