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There have been several articles of late that have grabbed our attention or garnered significant national press that we thought we would take the time to share this week.  Please see a brief intro to each and a link to access below . . .

Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs
Now former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times last week on how watching clients’ interests being routinely and systematically ignored for the betterment of the firm led to him feeling like the only ethical option was to resign.  The piece has been much publicized as an indictment against Goldman and the entire wirehouse business model in general.

Really Big Claims Based on Too Little Data
TAAG Blog favorite Carl Richards posted this New York Times Bucks blog recently.  Carl takes on the dangers of looking at data over the short term and building conclusions based upon not enough information.  He also does an excellent job of explaining why, ultimately, the data supports a low cost, globally diverse portfolio over finding the best fund manager du jour every time.

The Real Cost of Paper Savings Bonds
This was a post from a guest blogger to the FPA All Things Financial Planning Blog that Chip contirbutes to monthly on the potential risks of hanging onto physical, paper savings bonds and the electronic deposit program the Treasury has established to make tracking and redeeming your bonds safe and simple.

Have a great week!

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