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A few weeks ago, AARP launched a new website which makes it easier to search for information and share it with your on-line community.

AARP decided to overhaul their site after soliciting feedback from users and finding that the digital demands of people over age 50 continues to grow. Their survey revealed that social media was the primary interest among visitors to their website, with Facebook preferred by 23%. In addition to the new site launch, AARP has also increased their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The original five content channels have been expanded to thirteen and there are buttons to easily share content via several avenues such as email, Facebook, or a blog. The new content covers areas such as Personal Growth and Relationships and includes subtopics such as Transitions, Spirituality and Faith, Parenting, Grandparenting and Caregiving. Instead of the general Leisure category, you can explore Food, Travel, Entertainment and Home and Garden. There is also new content for Work which contains information on Job Hunting, Working after Retirement and Work Life.

In July, most of the site’s content will become available on e-readers, smartphones and mobile phones. Planned enhancements include applications for both the iPhone and iPad and travel destination guides from Frommer’s. Whether you have reached the magic AARP age of 50 or are still a few year’s shy, the new site is packed with useful, easy-to-find information and is worth perusing.

Chris Carleton, CFP®