Gregory Jones

Director of Operations

As the middle child of six, I thought I had to be different in order to stand out…

I remember as a young child that whenever anything broke around the house my parents would call my grandfather. He could fix anything; dishwasher, stove, disposal, you name it. I thought that was cool. I wanted to help be able to fix things so that I could help my family. I guess this was my way of being different.

As a senior in high school I read an article about the need for ceramic engineers and it sounded like something for me. I enjoyed my time in college so much that I decided to go on to graduate school to further my Ceramic Engineering studies. There, I loved collecting data and performing experiments in order to solve problems. I also learned that I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss. There were no time constraints in graduate school (other than how soon you wanted to graduate!).

Upon graduating, I accepted a job with G.E. Aircraft Engines in Evendale. I worked on classified programs for the U.S. Air Force that were cutting edge and different. However, I quickly learned that the corporate world needed results now. I had to create a product while still collecting data and learning. Inventing on the fly did not fit my personality. I needed time to be 100% positive in my decisions. Meanwhile, my wife, Jeannette’s company was growing and she needed someone she could trust to take over the back office issues. We had always discussed working together, and here was our chance.

Today I enjoy keeping the “behind the scenes” functions of the office humming along. I get to help by fixing things and being my own boss (well, as long as Jeannette says it’s okay).