Danielle Seurkamp, MS, MPAS®, CFP®


“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Growing up, money was very mysterious to me. The people around me had very different relationships with it. On one hand, I saw a person who seemed to ignore it completely. It came and went, sometimes there was enough and sometimes there wasn’t. On the other hand, I saw someone who put tremendous value on it and prioritized it more than most anything else in life. Of course, I didn’t spend much time thinking about that as a child, but as I got older and started thinking about my own relationship with money I realized that these examples had made an impact. They helped me develop a sense of responsibility and to greatly value the peace of mind achieved by an awareness of my financial situation. They also taught me to hold on to the important things in life and to never define our means as anything more than a means to an end. Saving lots of money isn’t the goal; it’s the thing we do to achieve our goals.

Wanting to share the peace of mind that I found by understanding my financial life, I pursued a career in financial planning. It allows me the opportunity to take care of people by eliminating just a little bit of life’s uncertainty. I enjoy helping people address the decisions we all face about how to best use our assets and opportunities. Of course doing that involves spending a lot of time thinking about finances, but to be truly successful I have to spend just as much time thinking about the people themselves and how we can turn their resources into realized visions.

I am grateful that my background taught me how much our finances can impact our day-to-day lives. That knowledge is what inspires me to help people enjoy today and be prepared for tomorrow.

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