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The Uncertainty Paradox

(from Dimensional Fund Advisors’  Issue Briefs blog dated May 1, 2017. Dimensional Fund Advisors is a global investment manager dedicated to implementing the great ideas in finance by applying academic research to practical investing.)    Doubt is not a pleasant...

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Where Does It Go?

“I just can’t figure out where the money goes.  We should be doing well with our salaries, but we never seem to have anything left over at the end of the month.” My client’s frustration is shared by many other people I’ve worked with over the years, regardless of...

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Wikipedia, Investing & Fake News

Last week I attended the Morningstar Investment Conference, a gathering of financial advisors, economists, fund managers and others from the world of financial services in Chicago, IL.  The two and a half days are full of breakout sessions around investing, practice...

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Bloom and Bust

Over Easter weekend, my family came into town from New Jersey.  I decided to take them to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, which is one of my favorite places any day of the year but especially right now during Zoo Blooms.  I thought Good Friday would be a...

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Will it Matter?

A constant stream of breaking news on TV.  Our smartphones pinging us about that news alert, social media mention or new “friend.”  Weather alerts where we live and just about everywhere else on the globe.  Another reason to fret, worry or panic caused by real media...

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