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When I’m 65

Last week I attended “Building the Bridge to Ohio Investor Education,” a community event hosted by the PBS affiliate in Dayton, OH.  The program included an opportunity to screen the documentary, “When I’m 65” and discuss issues around financial planning, financial...

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What is Your Stress Response?

What do you do when you are worried about money? My guess is that most of us haven’t given this question a lot of thought or ever paid attention to how our behavior changes, if at all.  I happen to think about it a lot.  Between a career spent on finance, down time...

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Rolling with the Changes

Every year our Jones family tree comes together over the 4th of July holiday week to share hugs and conversation, and erase the physical and emotional distance that comes from living hundreds of miles apart from one another.  We look forward to this trip each year,...

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How Should I Pay?

In financial planning, a common question goes something like this. . . I’m thinking of remodeling my bathroom We need to have the driveway replaced She’ll need a new car by the end of the year . . . how should I pay for that? Of course, in its simplest form, the...

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Time to Make a Difference

“How you spend your money is how you vote on what exists in the world.” – Vicki Robin If I asked you what you can do to make things better at a global level, what would you say?  A few obvious things come to mind: vote, protest, donate, serve, volunteer.  I would...

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