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At a party given by a billionaire hedge fund manager, Kurt Vonnegut informed his friend, Joseph Heller, that their host made more money in a single day then Heller had earned from his popular novel, Catch-22, over his entire lifetime. Heller responded, “Yes, but I...

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Giving Where it Truly Counts

Most of us have been flooded over the last several weeks with grave stories and haunting pictures of the devastation caused by the recent earthquakes in Haiti. Naturally, many of us want to help where we can with the relief efforts, but have been equally overwhelmed...

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Lessons for Investing Success

It’s always interesting to read the financial press this time of year. You can find a prediction to support whatever your gut feeling is about the future direction of the stock market. Tucked into this month’s Money Magazine amongst articles profiling the hottest...

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Clearing Out the Clutter

Some people make New Year’s resolutions every year as they cross over from one calendar year to the next. I go on a cleaning binge. The packing up of Christmas decorations, New Year’s Eve leftovers and all the other holiday trimmings forces me to organize so...

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Be Resolute in Your Resolutions

It may be cliché to write a New Year’s Resolution blog in the waning days of the decade, but that’s exactly what I intend to do. The reason is simple. Every year we set resolutions in the sincere hope of this being the year we start (fill in the blank) or quit (fill...

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Home for the Holidays

Many people will be traveling to spend time with their families this month. When you gather with your loved ones over the holidays, the last topic you are likely to be thinking about is legacy planning. But maybe it shouldn’t be. This is the perfect opportunity to...

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The Sales Pitch Goes Like This…

“You’re a financially sophisticated and well-to-do executive (business owner, etc.) and you shouldn’t be in the same investment vehicles as the average investor. You deserve better. We’ll give you access to exclusive investments with above average returns that only we...

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What a Year It’s Been

As we enter the last month of the last year of the first decade of the first century of the new millennium (got all that?), I’ll spare you a recap of the entire decade and simply reflect on what has been an eventful year for investors to say the least. While a lot of...

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False Prophets, Big Bucks

This blog post was written by Dan Solin Posted November 17, 2009 on www.huffingtonpost.com Jeremy Siegel Ph.D. has very impressive credentials. He is the Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author...

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Does Your Financial Advisor Work for You?

As the market recovery continues, we have been receiving many phone calls from individuals looking for a new financial advisor. Most inquiries are from people who have been working with a brokerage firm such as Merrill Lynch or Smith Barney. Last year’s market rout...

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