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The Brown Bag Check-Up

You may start off taking a couple of prescription medications and then add to your daily regimen an over-the-counter drug such as an allergy pill, a multi-vitamin and an herbal supplement without informing your doctor or pharmacist. I recently heard on the Dr. Oz Show...

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The Power of Purpose

Over the last few weeks I have been surrounded by friends and family members dealing with the challenges of an aging relative. Their specific situations and circumstances are different, but in each case I have been amazed by how much the attitude of each individual...

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5 Ways to Dodge Debit Card Disaster

Ensure Your Debit Card is a Smart Alternative to Credit or Cash Whether it’s to avoid carrying a lot of cash or a response to the dramatic changes in the credit card industry of late, people are turning in ever increasing numbers to debit cards as a primary source of...

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Concerned about privacy? You should be

You can hear horror stories involving privacy anywhere. There are constant issues over privacy at Facebook. Look, for example, at 10 Solid Tips to Safeguard Your Facebook Privacy and at Could I have my stuff back, please? We hear repeated warnings about things that...

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The Secret to Investment Success

We all want to pick a winner. It doesn’t matter if we’re at the racetrack, casino, or investing our IRA. However, investors who spend most of their time trying to pick winners often end up losing more times than not. The number one determinant of your portfolio’s...

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Counting to 10

One of George Santayana’s most famous, and misquoted, sayings is “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The biggest regret we face from the recent downturn is failing to learn anything as it passes. That is not to say we can avoid another...

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Role Reversal

I have seen many clients struggle with caring for their parents, and I thought it would be years before my time would come. It is particularly difficult when you live in different cities. In May, my 68 year old mother-in-law, Charleen, had surgery to receive a...

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Scams are Back

Scammers are talented at taking advantage of people by tapping into their fears and desires to get ahead financially. Periods of high stress and abysmal returns often bring out promoters who promise miracle money strategies. Since the last two years have been...

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Personal Finance 101

One big wake-up call from the recent economic downturn is that the literacy rate in this country is at absolute crisis levels. Financial literacy, that is. Millions of high school, college, even graduate level students leave their alma maters every year completely...

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