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Improving the Planning Process

As mentioned in our July monthly letter, our financial planning software released a new version this week full of exciting updates.  New functionality will improve our planning process by better integrating certain variables and placing a better framework around how...

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TAAG’s New Home

In October 1988, after six years as a CPA and banking officer, I took my newly earned Certified Financial Planner designation and youthful optimism and started The Asset Advisory Group (TAAG).  It wasn’t actually TAAG then, since I was only a single advisor with an...

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Lessons from Pa

This time of year, I often think of the carefree summers I enjoyed as a child.  I spent the first 13 years of my life in Newark, Ohio, before moving to Cincinnati.  My father is from Akron and most years my sister and I would spend at least a week at my grandparent’s...

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Pinning All Hopes

In the swing-state hotbed of Southwestern Ohio, election season has already reached fever pitch.  Depending on your view of the coverage, it’s either an exciting or terrifying proposition that there’s still more than four months to go until Election Day.  Much of the...

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The Stuff Weighing You Down

Over Father’s Day weekend, when my dad and I were alone for a few minutes, he brought up a subject that had obviously been weighing on his mind.  He said he realized he and mom live 2 ½ hours away from my brother, sister and I, and if anything were to happen to either...

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Who is Going to Pull Your Plug?

(from Carolyn McClanahan’s Forbes’ column, 5/22/2012 – click here for the original post. Carolyn is a physician, financial planner, educator and storyteller.  For more on Carolyn, visit her Forbes’ profile.) We have all heard the stories –...

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Detour Ahead

My husband, Tom, and I just returned from Asheville, North Carolina.  We drove to Asheville so Tom could participate in a century ride to raise money for cancer research with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. Being the diligent planner, I...

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Social Security – An Update

According to the Social Security Administration, nearly 62 million Americans are receiving some type of benefit from the program as of April 2012.  There is much speculation as to where the program is headed in the future.  Unfortunately, there’s little more to report...

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Facebook Fever

As I write this blog, Facebook is set to begin trading any minute, with the estimated 11:15am start time approaching.  The fact that web sites are breathlessly reporting the status of the stock’s IPO on a minute-by-minute basis speaks volumes about the public’s...

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