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The Changing Role of Grandparents

A recent AARP survey of grandparents showed that 36% of those asked felt that “spoiling grandchildren by buying them too much” was part of a grandparent’s financial role.  This result isn’t all that surprising. Spoiling grandchildren has been a time-honored right and...

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Can We Pass the Marshmallow Test?

In the late 1960’s, psychologist Walther Mischel conducted an ingenious experimenttesting the ability of children to delay gratification.  A child was left alone in a room with a marshmallow on the table, and was told if he or she could wait 15 minutes to eat it, they...

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Abundance is our Future

This week we turn to TED’s 2012 Conference where Peter Diamandis gave a talk called “Abundance is Our Future”.  Peter looks at the world of information overload, how we’re predisposed to focus on negative news first and how that shapes our view...

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A Different Angle

My husband, Tom, and I recently updated our estate planning.  I recommend my clients review their documents at least every 5 years or as their circumstances change (marriage, divorce, inheritance, birth or adoption of a child).  This seems to be an item that can...

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Playing to Fear, Not the Plan

After combing through what’s become a lengthy “future blog topics” list for this week, I was sidetracked by the recent onslaught of advertising by the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock. I don’t have anything against the firm, per se.  They aren’t managing more...

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That’s Why We’re Here

  At TAAG, we work only with individuals and their families, so we can focus on getting to know each of our clients well.  While we manage your investments and provide financial planning, we can also help in other ways you may not be aware.      I recently met...

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Articles of Interest

There have been several articles of late that have grabbed our attention or garnered significant national press that we thought we would take the time to share this week.  Please see a brief intro to each and a link to access below . . . Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs...

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Stop the Madness!

This week begins March Madness.  Friends, families and co-workers have begun selecting their picks for the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament.  As I contemplated my brackets, I realized that the selection process I was using to get to my winning team is similar to the...

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The Games are Coming

On March 1st, tickets went on sale for an event many of you have likely been hearing about for some time, the 2012 World Choir Games.  The Games, billed as the Olympics of choral music, will be held in Cincinnati on July 4 – July 14, 2012.  The event will be the...

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Why Wealth Can Be Fleeting

The recent announcement of P&G’s decision to lay off 5,700 workers reminded me how vulnerable financial security can be.  Even though our economy is recovering, many people are still afraid of losing their jobs.  In January, my sister learned her company is laying...

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