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Investing Like Apple

Recently, a client was kind enough to share a book on how Steve Jobs’ obsession with simplicity helped drive Apple to be the off the charts success story it is today.  As I’ve read and re-read the book, I’ve realized it has many applications to business, investing and...

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Is it Too Late to Refinance?

Despite the incredible boom in mortgage refinancing that’s occurred over the last few years in light of historically low rates and home values returning to some sense of normalcy, we still get questions from from clients, their families and friends who have held...

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Happy New Year!

“Going down this checklist, it’s evident that the factors that have been most positive over the past couple of years are diminishing or highly uncertain. And the rest, although they may be beneficial in the very short run, don’t hold much promise for next year as a...

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

TAAG’s offices will be closed today and tomorrow as the team takes a few days off to enjoy Christmas with our families. All of us at TAAG want to pass along our sincerest gratitude to our clients for another great year working together to make the best possible...

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