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Travel Tips

We often have the good fortune of traveling to exciting locations both domestically and abroad vicariously through our clients.  In sharing stories of good experiences and bad we tend to pick up a fair amount of great advice.   In fact, a very successful lunch &...

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The Weight of Worry

Each year my husband’s family comes together from Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida over the July 4th holiday to reconnect with one another. Everyone from my 80 year-old in-laws to our 8 year old nephew spent time together at the beach over the past...

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Summer Memories

I love the summer. When Memorial Day weekend rolls around, the sense of anticipation I felt as a child kicks in, and memories come flooding back. Early summer mornings my mom and I would crawl between strawberry rows, dew-moistened straw sticking to the front of our...

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TAAG News & Notes

This week, I was hoping to join you by video to share some things happening here at TAAG, but coaching my daughter’s last weekend of soccer with the pollen count at its high for the year has left my vocal chords a little worse for the wear. Failing that, here is...

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