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Short Attention Span Theater

This week, New York Times columnist and political analyst on numerous TV networks, David Brooks wrote an op-ed piece on Why America’s Leadership Fails.  In it, he makes the case that the gridlock that persists in Washington is caused, at least in part by politicians...

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It Could Happen to You

My grandmother and I have always been close.  When I was growing up, I spent many a Friday night having carpet picnics with her and my grandpa where we sat on the living room floor with a blanket and had dinner, usually fried chicken.  We would watch Wheel of Fortune...

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Falling Off Your Game

Last Sunday night’s 2016 Olympic Games delivered drama on the tennis courts.  Serena and Venus Williams lost in the first round of their doubles match – their first-ever loss in the Olympics, while Jamie and Andy Murray, Davis Cup winners and Wimbledon champions, were...

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It’s a Matter of Trust

Every year we join my husband’s family in Florida over the 4th of July holiday week, to reconnect with family members who travel from Texas, New Jersey, Ohio and Georgia to be together.  It’s a wonderful tradition and an escape from reality – but this year we could...

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The Wine Lover’s Guide to Investing

(from Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Outside the Flags blog by Jim Parker dated 6/28/2016. Jim is a Vice President with DFA, leading the communications and marketing team in the firms’ Australian office.)    Savoring a vintage wine is one of life’s great pleasures. But...

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Brexit Breakdown

This week’s blog topic was a pretty obvious choice.  The United Kingdom made a disappointing exit from Europe in the last week, and I’m not just talking about their epic upset in the 2016 Euro Cup at the hands of Iceland. Brexit, in short, was a referendum on whether...

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Check Your Mirrors

“He who doesn’t look ahead remains behind.” “Looking back gives you regrets. Looking ahead gives you opportunities.” “Don’t look back, you’ll miss what’s in front of you.” There seems to be consensus among the proverbs that when directing our focus, we ought to be...

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